While traveling post-GUADEC in Turkey, I ended up after dinner one night walking next to a man speaking English to his wife, and like most people in a foreign country I was interested to talk to someone of similar culture. It turned out though he was Iranian, now living in Dubai with his American wife. He was a very intelligent person, a businessman of some sort and we had a discussion about world affairs as we walked back to our respective hotels.

He obviously had a broad world view and experience, so it was a good conversation. Of course the presidental run came up, and when I mentioned I supported Obama, he shook his head and I remember he said to me confidently and with some cynicism, “John McCain will be your next president”. I had felt so sure that America would warm to this eloquent, charismatic scholar of constitutional law, but at that moment I experienced some lingering doubt which stayed for a week at least.

Not that he’s likely to be reading this blog, but I’d just like to say – told you so!


A rare nontechnical blog entry from me today; I have had some technical ones queued up in the back of my mind for a bit, but it was hard to spend today thinking about technology. Or, at least other than as a delivery mechanism for election results.

Before Obama decided to run for president, I read an article about possible presidential contenders which included him. The article linked to this YouTube video of Obama. I was struck by his charisma and, doing a bit more research, his extraordinary intelligence and hopeful message. This guy didn’t get into an ivy league school via the old boy network like Bush did. I decided within that hour that if he did run, I would contribute to his campaign, the first time I’d ever really done anything approaching active participation in politics beyond voting.

I have a feeling that’s true for a lot of Americans right now. Anyways, I planned to keep this blog short. I just had to write something though – it’s an immensely inspiring day today.