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DBus 1.2.10 and DBus

December 19, 2008 vendors, please get the new DBus release into your development stream as soon as possible, so DBus service developers and testers can help cooperate on fixing the broken services. Thanks!

Note: On my Fedora 10 system I got a lot of spam due to NetworkManager talking to HAL without this patch – so you likely want to get that one in at the same time.

HotSSH 0.2.6: Now with less reason for your sysadmin to come after you with an axe

December 18, 2008

HotSSH 0.2.6 is released. It fixes a number of bugs, probably most important is one where we could repeatedly try (and fail) to make a new connection every 3 seconds. System administrators tend to get antsy about stuff in their log files, so if they were threatening to bodily harm etc., well, HotSSH 0.2.6 is the ssh client you were looking for!

If pain exists to teach one a lesson…

December 7, 2008

…then I feel there must be a lot to learn from this painful bug. So far I’ve learned to always delay pushes into the Fedora queue, even for security updates. Anyways, apologies for the trouble; this is really an awful bug. We’ll probably be turning up cases where developers had relied on the erroneous permission for some time.