Definition of “upstream”

There’s a lot of terminology we tend to use in the Free Software community, but we lack any kind of widely accepted dictionary for our “industry jargon”. Wikipedia has pages on some of this, but Wikipedia isn’t the same thing as a dictionary.

Anyways, I want to attempt a definition for “upstream”:

upstream(n): A FOSS project with an active and robust peer-review process.

I rely here on the definition of both “FOSS” and “project”. The wikipedia page for FOSS is a good enough substitute for a dictionary entry, and let’s ignore for now the possible meanings of “project” here. The emphasis in my definition is on “active and robust peer-review process”. Why is that?

Because basically, without peer review, there’s no interesting difference between say a Debian “package” (what many people seem to consider “downstream”) and a git repository on Sourceforge (what people consider “upstream”). There’s no point saying “push this change upstream” if that just means it gets added to a git repository without robust inspection. All that happened was some bytes got copied across the Internet from point A to point B.