HotSSH 0.2

Ok, I should kick this out the door. So I mentioned before one of my spare time projects is to take over the SSH experience in GNOME, because there are a lot of things that could be better and it’s too important to have it trapped entirely inside a VT100 emulator. HotSSH is the initial execution of that plan. You can see the (new) website for a list of things that are done now.

What’s potentially in store for the future?

  • Remote bash integration, particularly remote working directory
  • Drag and drop files onto window to copy (more generally better scp)
  • Investigate general extension/scripting mechanism (HotSSH being in Python helps here)
  • Potentially have more flexible layout like Terminator?
  • Translations other than my humorous (well I think so) initial en_CA.po
  • Actually ship as part of GNOME by default

For now there’s no mailing list, so blog comments or personal mail until I get that set up; bugs here. Free desktop vendors, start your packaging engines!

Edit: – The download link since the web page isn’t synched quite yet