Boston Zombie Walk 2007

The 2007 Boston Zombie March [link deleted, taken over by porn] was completely awesome. I heard from others last year was maybe 20-30 people; this year I would say there were at least 200 at the peak.

Zombie looking hungry

This guy was a bit more liberal with the stage blood than I was

Now originally I thought, being a computer programmer, I would have a leg up on the competition in the looking-undead department. However, when Brian and Steve mentioned they were thinking of going in their robot costumes as robots protesting zombies, I knew I would be spending most of the night watching them getting ogled. And I did, but I still had a ton of fun taking pictures and being part of the event! Carolyn took some good pictures too I think, I’ll edit this later when I get the link.

Me attempting to devour Brian

One completely amazing thing about this event was just how many people had digital cameras and video cameras. The two robots grabbed attention wherever we went. I had this feeling that everything visible would be tagged and uploaded to Flickr in short order, which will probably be more true as photographers wake up today. But this morning Mike discovered us!
For reference, their signs say Zombies take robot jobs and Robots against Zombies.

Steve having a malfunction while everyone is watching

We walked from Porter square down to Harvard. Watching the confused expressions of passersby was fun (especially when the zombies tried to eat them). I also had to laugh when the Cambridge police stopped traffic around Harvard so that the big crowd of zombies could…slowly one legged limp across the lanes. I can only imagine what people who just happened to be visiting Boston thought.

Some random highlights:

Zombie burying himself (while being consumed by girlfriend?)

A crowd of “protesters” were part of the event

Brian giving a zombie the beatdown

Heading home, this little kid thought he was meeting a real robot

Shopping at Shaw’s was hilarious

And, the full album. I know I’m a crappy photographer!

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