Python object definitions and threading

I posted a brain dump of some random thoughts recently about Python object attribute definitions and threading: another thread on Python threading

One thing that I really appreciated about this was that Python uses a newsgroup (reflected in Google Groups) instead of a mailing list. The experience is so much better than a mailing list. I was able to visit the Google Groups page, click “New message”, and type it in, and it appears. In contrast starting or contributing to a discussion for a typical free software project mailing list if you aren’t already subscribed is an enormous pain; you have to subscribe to it, do the dance confirming your address, and then for a busy project it’s like having a fire hose in your mailbox, so you need to set up filtering – ugh! Even if it’s not a busy project, you will get mail about things unrelated to the post. And finally, you need to manually unsubscribe when your interest wanes.

Have you considered using a Google Group or the like for your project? If not, you should. You don’t have to deal with crappy email clients, spam is taken care of, no more monthly mailman reminders or passwords. And and most importantly, people who want to send a message to your project or contribute to an existing thread don’t have any hoops to jump through.

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