The things I change right after installing Fedora

Did a fresh Fedora 7 install on my laptop, and I went through my usual routine of fixing up a few details. We’ve actually gotten pretty good about being “stateless”; I already store almost everything online (GMail, delicious,, Mugshot, Picasa, etc.), so there was little data to copy around manually, basically just reinstall developer tools.

However, I have to spend a bit of time killing passwords:

  • Fix usermode to not prompt for the root passwordThis forum thread describes how to do it.
  • Delete my user password – Run passwd -d walters. That way I just click my username. My laptop is either right next to me, or in a trusted environment, so I don’t need a password. Ideally GDM would auto-login the user if they didn’t have a password, so I wouldn’t even have to click.
  • Install Google Browser Sync – By far my biggest annoyance with the web is remembering all my website passwords. Google Browser Sync is the best solution I’ve found so far.

The next thing I’m going to add to this list is to install pam_keyring, just about to try that. Though honestly I’d like a way to basically disable all prompts from the GNOME keyring – I don’t need my local keyring encrypted (for the same reason I don’t need a local password), and I trust my local apps.

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