Summit Happenings

Online Desktop

Owen, Bryan, Marina and I gave a talk on the Online Desktop effort that went pretty well, lots of stuff was demoed and there were some good questions.

Getting started

Bryan and Owen have done some good work improving the wiki; if you’re interested in trying things out, you can follow the JHBuild instructions available here, or if you have the appropriate system dependencies installed you can build from the “summit release” tarballs available here.
Look for a live CD soon.

Getting online-desktop components into GNOME

I mentioned web-login-driver on desktop-devel-list; hoping we can upstream components like this as we go. Possibly if we finish some work we could even make GNOME 2.22.
I also started a discussion about sharing some code between Online Desktop and Gimmie, hopefully something will come of that.

We’re also trying to move into the GNOME infrastructure (SVN etc.) to make it easier for people to contribute in terms of code and bug reports without new accounts, but for now if you’ve tried it out and hit bugs please file them here.

Summit General

So far it’s fun, a lot of people hacking on things here. Gave a short talk about the current state of Hotwire which went well. I think there’s a lot of interest but probably most people are waiting for bugs to be fixed; if you’ve tried it and found some, please file them!

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