FOSSCamp quick report

Overall, a good unconference. I got to see some old-school Debian developers that I last saw at Debconf 2 and meet in person others. Being in the same location as Colin Watson again was fun, though I don’t have long hair anymore so we’re harder to confuse.

One thing I noticed is that it seemed like everyone wanted to give a talk the first day, and then there were many fewer talks for the second. There was at least one talk the first day that I wanted to go to but had a conflict, whereas on the second day I only saw one talk that sounded compelling, though I had to leave early.


Good talk led by Scott on Upstart. One idea was that Upstart could be the backend for D-Bus System Activation, which made a lot of sense to me. Upstart seems like a good choice for a new Fedora init system, though I would like to be sure the API is dead-simple for 3rd party vendors, and Upstart should have an easy way to distinguish between services which have state to save at shutdown and which can just be killed.


The PackageKit discussion was very good; we reached a consensus that it makes a lot of sense to share high level desktop components like an updater applet between distributions, and hopefully share more as time progresses.


Thanks Ryan from Ars Technica for the well written Hotwire article!

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