Hotwire hypershell 0.721 released

Hotwire 0.721 is now available. This release features a lot of changes since 0.710. Immediately visible will be the entirely revamped UI.

New Hotwire 0.721 UI

Full screenshot with object inspector

The goal is to be closer to a shell/terminal interface than before, giving more space to the output of commands while still allowing use of the mouse for operations. Another exciting internal change is that you can now define Hotwire builtins as regular Python functions, but with a decorator. For more about this feature, see this post.

Besides the above, there are a lot of other nice changes in this release from a growing list of patch contributors, such as Zeng.Shixin’s contribution of native file icons for Win32:

Native Icons on Win32

As well as Chris Mason’s improvements to the command output search:

Search highlighting

I added a nicer connection status display to the included Unix SSH client:

Connection status display in HotSSH

Mark Williamson has been experimenting with a set of Hotwire extensions to make Hotwire into an interactive Mercurial shell; see his site.

For the detailed release email, see the announcement.

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