Jython about to hit 2.5

An excellent update from one of the Jython hackers (and followup). I particularly liked this:

>>> from __future__ import GIL
Traceback (most recent call last):
(no code object) at line 0
File "", line 0
SyntaxError: Never going to happen!

For me the most useful thing is that Jython SVN now supports decorators. I use decorators fairly extensively in my Python code, and they were the main thing blocking me from using Jython more widely.

Some people may wonder – why Jython? One reason is that the tooling around the JVM is awesome. JDWP (and clients like Eclipse‘s debugger) blow away gdb. For a while now I’ve been trying to debug a periodic lockup in a multithreaded Python process, and it’s been immensely painful with gdb. There are a lot of other extremely useful FOSS tools for heap analysis, profiling, etc. Even if your entire world currently runs on Python, and you aren’t interested in easily taking advantage of some of the other awesome JVM software out there like Hadoop, running on Jython makes sense alone just for OpenJDK being among the best Free VMs out there.

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