GNOME Boston Summit, plus: why hacking on GNOME is fun!

The Boston Summit is announced! I’m looking forward to it; there was a lot of positive stuff at GUADEC, and more should happen here in Boston.

Announcement done, one thing I want to mention is why I find working on GNOME fun – there are actually a lot of hard challenges that arise in working on client-side operating system code, particularly around user interfaces. For example, this bug involves the intersection of X11, multithreading, garbage collection, how GC is different between CPython and Spidermonkey, and the cross-platform nature of GTK+. It’s really not an easy problem; there are difficult tradeoffs to be made between complexity and speed in different components. But solving these kinds of difficult issues is what I find rewarding as an engineer. And there are certainly plenty more to solve in the GNOME context!

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